Review: Syma X8W (X5SW) FPV 2.4ghz Drone!!! (10.17.2015)


Flight Review: Syma X8W (X5SW) FPV 2.4ghz Drone!!! (10.10.2015) – Syma X8W (X5SW) FPV – Built-in HD Camera – 6 layer of SLR level lens, WIFI real time …


  1. If you wanted to shoot nice videos with a toy quad, buy the SYMA X8G! It is the same drone as the X8W, with a HUGE difference. It DOES NOT have FPV, but instead gets a 1028 P, 30 FPS camera! It even has an option to do 720 P video, with 60 FPS.

  2. One thing to remember is wifi operates on 2.4 gig as well, sometimes it can cancel out you tranmitter, thats why i never use it, prefering to put my own 5.8gig sytem in.

  3. I don't have a Smartphone but I have a Verizon 7" Tablet with Syma FPV
    app on it. My question how wide will it open to hold the device and
    could it hold the Tablet? If not how wide will it open?

  4. Sir, i have done all the Mod's to the syma x8w. yes, the wifi is crap. but i have tremendously improved the drone by the mod's i have done to it. First thing i did was do the mod to the radio. by adding a wireless router ant 2.4ghz ant. one from a $200 router. so the gain is really great. Next i did the the 5.8ghz camera and the Foxeer tm600mw vtx. with circular ant's both the goggles and drone. Now, the best part i would like to tell you. I flew it one day on a no windy day. I went out exactly 1,199 meters on a directly line of site from me. with the goggles. and had good reception from the VTX. It flew there and back with no problems at all. So it is more than just a toy sir. It has good potential. I think this drone and all the x8 series drones are pretty good for inexpensive way of learning and flying. I now have a eachine falcon 250 racing quadcopter. For quality video, you got got to add the gimble and a good camera. but yes, right out of the box, it has things that must be improved. if you just want to fly close quarters yes the syma is ok for short range flight.

  5. My control for the x8w was set to limit transmission range so make sure to change that. If when you put your controller on an the range symbol on the top left blinks then you're in low range mode. Check "Steve Haresign" on how to change it.

  6. If the FPV camera and android app are not great should I just get the syma x8c? I hope to have this long enough to mount a sj6000 on sometime soon but thought the FPV camera was good. You said its crappy so now I'm thinking x8c would have been better. Doesn't the X8W have SD card slot for saving video also??

  7. hi, what is the flying time? there are no upgraded batteries for x8w.. while x5sw there are 1200 mah batteries that could last at least 12 min I think (500 mah stock)..

  8. you can get upgraded batteries and should I take the prop gaurds off of mine while I'm learning to fly it or shouldi level them on I had some narly where the blades cut some grass in the backyard


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