Review of a cool “Pocket Drone”- Eachine E52-TX


B. reviews the EACHINE E52-TX you can get the drone here: Don’t forget to subscribe for more drone videos (and …


  1. great video. I wish you could make a review of the promark GPS shadow drone, that is the one I'm wanting to get, it's only $140 and for a drone with a GPS and Wi-Fi Cam. i think it's a good deal even though it's only a 720p camera =)

  2. Title should have read something like, "Great pocket drone for beginners." You did a great job reviewing the drone's flight characteristics but didn't include the camera functionality of this device. Which, honestly, is why most people pay the extra money for a camera equipped pocket sized drone. In fact, I would have loved to hear your opinion of the picture/video quality of this toy grade drone, regardless of the fact that you mostly fly professionally with much more expensive equipment with HD Pro cameras. Just my opinion, otherwise, like I said, it was a great review! JP


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