Real Estate Drone Photography 101 – KEN HERON


Ken offers a few basic tips when photographing a home or property for real estate clients. The interesting building in the middle of the Tennessee River: …


  1. 5:58 Irrespective of the industry, it takes a little while to get a feel for precisely what to charge. Ask too much and prospective clients will simply walk. Ask too little and they'll think the reason for your low price is a lack of ability.

    Have a look at what others are charging and what type of work they're producing, then decide if you want to place yourself (based on your perception of the quality of your own work) at the higher or lower end of that scale. If you then find yourself flooded with work, start raising your prices until you get to a point where you're comfortably busy.

    The industry I'm in (nothing to do with photography nor drones), I've progressively increased my prices through the years but the customers still kept amassing. So I've now simply said "no more new customers" – you can't put a price on being able to squeeze in some relaxation time (like you're managing to enjoy on that luxurious deck); money's nice, but you only have one life to live.

  2. Im a licensed real estate broker here in the Philippines and I am incorporating drone on what I do. Ihavephantom3 SE. I usually take aerial photos and videoes of farms and residential houses. I think that having a drone on your side is really a great paradigm shift from traditional photography. Now, all I can say is that I learn a lot on your very short video. The tips and pointers are really awesome and fresh. Im gonna incorporate them on my next gigs. You schooled me for free!!

  3. I wonder why they did not want video footage instead of just pictures? That property screamed video!! Anyhoo, great shots and video Ken! One quick question if I may, Where did your saying' "Buh… and Bye" come from?

  4. Got a chuckle out of you singing at the end… "welcome to the live stream Mr. B." Lol. Great info here. I got my drone a year ago and was slow to use it as the tool you mentioned and as I pictured it. Now that I got certified as a pilot, I am a bit frustrated with places to fly because a lot of cities and townships want to ban flying; even in non-fed/non-state parks. But anyway, good video!


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