Ready Player One


From filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes the science fiction action adventure “Ready Player One,” based on Ernest Cline’s bestseller of the same name, which …


  1. ALL TREASURES IN LIFE MEAN NOTHING UNLESS SHARED. I thought it was great that the power and the money was given two more than just one. Money and power corrupts that is human nature. All Treasures in life are shared.

  2. The ugly and forlorn place he lives – looks like mobile homes stacked up – is just as I imagined it when reading the book. Well, to be more honest…while listening to the audio book – which I highly recommend. Will watch soon! I've never rented or purchased a movie on YouTube before. Will it really work for $4.99? In the book, the hero is pudgy with pimples. Glad they've improved his looks for the movie.


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