Rclogger Navigator 250 – BEST BEGINNER Racer Drone TESTED


Rclogger RC Eye Navigator 250 – ULTIMATE Beginner drone with 1 Axis Fpv Gimbal, Return to home, and Gps. Check out the hands on review with some pretty …


  1. had to send it back twice cause gimbal wasnt working. finally got my third one and everything is working now!! it's comin with a new deluxe hobby-grade screwdriver now it seems….not with this plasticky one that allready was suprisingly good. thumbs up for releasing this awesome fpv trainer!!! totally lovin it!!

  2. Hey Justin, Were the boys from Humboldt and we love your reviews,in fact I liked this one so much I went and got one only to have the battery lock in place and will not come loose from the quad ,Seems that release button won't release the battery,and RC Logger has been and is slow to respond

  3. So you need goggles to really fly FPV though, ya? I might have missed it but what about flight time, how long does it fly on one battery? They said 10 min but… And what do they claim the range is. You got 300m but curious what the max is? Great review and demo flight. So many videos spend 15 minutes blabbing and then a minute of flight at the end, like your format better. Thanks!

  4. Hey Justin, Thanks so much for the awesome in depth review! Great input and awesome video as always! Just to give you a heads up on the Video Tx: On the bottom of the Navigator you'll see a square opening with a jumper on 2 pins. If you move that jumper over to the other 2 pins it takes the vTx power from 25mw to 200mw. This is on there to meet regulations in EU. We are working on the Navigator Pro now and will definitely make sure to send one your way once it's ready. 😀

  5. My first quad is an Eye One Extreme from RC Logger.  It is a little bit delicate, but I have had it for about 3 years and is still flying.  The altitude hold on it is not very useful and I guess it's a little under powered also.  Any maneuver made causes a drop in altitude.  The high rate on it is too jumpy for me.  I have had only minor crashes and broke the original props way too easy.  It has aluminum arms and a plastic frame.  The frame cracked where one arm attaches and I repaired it with epoxy.  One thing that is odd about mine and I see from the video that the Navigator also has opposite rotation of motors compared to all other quads I have.  The Navigator with the GPS looks like it would be a much better beginner quad than what I started with.


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