Radio Shack DIY Drone Build


Part Two of three part Drone series.


  1. This is one of my fave radio shack products as of late, imo this is the type of stuff that could save radioshack!

    I bought it as a impulse buy when buying acual parts for a project and i was so blown away at the way they made you truly feel like YOU built this and then YOU get to see what you made come to life, in a world where everything is instant gratification a product like this reminds of the true satifactio. Of puting a piece of your self into your own toy/hobby/nicnacks.

    I honestly was so blown away at the balance between ease and acual quality quad copter that i purchased two more and gave them to my best friends kids so that they could get a drone and learn a little too,furthermore it gave my friends kids and my friend a positive reason to bond over something! It was genious and there already on about getting pro drones hah! Boys am i right!?

    Thank you radioshack for this true harkening back to what hobbys acually are! Quality, education, self betterment, fun.


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