Quadrone Pro Drone with Camera


In this video I review the Quadrone Pro Drone With 6 Axis Gyroscope and Camera. Please comment below, tap that thumbs up button on this video and …


  1. Hey, Doug Drummond do you have to hold down constantly the return home key for it to return? Also my 26 yr old kid put it together and mine does not have a camera for it? Do you think that he may have left it in the box when the box was thrown away? I don't see where a camera would mount at. Also the guy that said, if he holds down the Camera/Video button, that it will make a beep the whole time mine does that as well. Thanks for the advice. Btw: mine is certainly water proof because it has went out of sight about 6Xs so I just let off the throttle and I have accidentally landed in our lake 4 times ooooops lol honest.

  2. Hi Doug, How did you get the video to work on this drone? I hold the photo/video button down on my controller and it starts to take video, but it makes a loud beeping sound the whole time. Is this normal?

  3. Can you add a better quality camera onto the body of this drone, I have one and I'm not satisfied with the quality of the video. I was thinking of sticking a mobius action camera onto it but I'm not sure if it'll throw off the balance of the quad copter.

  4. NOT A GOOD DONE. you ca purchase gently used drones off eBay with all the original paperwork for the same price and they will function better in the wind and have a 720p camera and garters. This drone also has a malfunction that is SUPER common were the front rudders will fly but the back ones wont. as to my knowledge of owning one for about a month now the only way to fix this is to turn the drone and remote on and off simultaneously until is stops malfunctioning. not worth the $60 in my opinion. Try getting one for $75 or just get one used. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUSTIONS ABOUT THIS PRODUCT REPLY TO THIS COMMENT. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY PILOTING!

  5. Great video! I just got one yesterday and can't wait to try it out. I need some help though. How do you know when the battery is done charging? I plugged mine into the usb port on my laptop. The Red LED light on the charger came on and is still on after several hours. I also tried a cellphone charger , but same thing.

  6. Where can you buy an extra battery for this? i have a quadrone i-sight and the battery life is literally 7 minutes with minimum amount of power exerted.


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