Quadcopter S10 FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This inexpensive learn to fly toy drone has a pro grade looking camera with gimbal (non functional, appearance only ;-). Find it here Pros …


  1. thanks for the video, really helped as i dont have a manual for the controller. Were the batteries new when you started the video? If not do you know the approximate flight time?
    And by the way, nice shirt 😉

  2. The dron looks like a real copy of the Phantom with two problems
    1. Has a fake gimbal clip from the camera shaking because the engines are strong and
    2. Dron does not even know how to land properly, when landing it always tops up so that no one has recorded that rolling moment or should catch it before it landed firmly because the engines are damaged

  3. Hello Can you help me. I have an S10 and upon take-off…it revs up quite high and pitches over to the right. Never gets more than a foot up before crashing. I do the calibration each time.
    Many thanks for any help you may be able to offer


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