Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone Beginner Tools | HEX DRIVER, SCREW DRIVER, NUT DRIVER


Building a racing drone requires some tools that many beginners don’t already have. These are the hex drivers, precision screw drivers, and nut drivers that I …


  1. I think you are missing a soldering iron? A hot glue gun? if its beginner maybe some sort of soldering station (spare hands + magnifying glass + light) is a good investment to?
    Whats wrong with using a Allen key for hex driver they are like $1 each (most will have a few around from flat pack furniture) if that and work just as good as a hex driver minus some ergonomics

  2. I could have used this video a month ago! but alas, I appreciate the idea~! I bought my Hex and Nut drivers (Banggood, 5-7$) each and got an 8-10mm ratchet wrench (ebay)3$. I have (screwdrivers) tweeker sets due to being an Electrician! and I also just ordered a 4-5.5-8-10mm wonder wing wrench (BG)4$.

  3. Self proclaimed professional at being an amature over here with a question. If my ESC's are rated to 30A, should both negative and positive wires be 30A rated if I am running 6S with red bottoms?

  4. Hey so I'm still trying to get my buzzer to work I wired it to my 12v led leads and it started beeping constantly then I desoldered that and checked current agian and now I'm getting 3v to my buzzer from just buzzer wires to fc any ideas on how to get my battery Alarm working agian?

  5. So you don't want to argue about the RaceFlight GPL stuff, so don't argue. You don't have to reply to comments you think don't have a valid point. It seems really slimy to me to disable comments on something where you ask people to correct you if you're wrong.
    Plus now we have to go to an unrelated video to comment (though I don't think I would have commented if the comments were enabled in the other video).
    I actually don't have a strong opinion about the RaceFlight stuff. I just have a strong opinion about leaving comments open.

  6. Keep going with this "series" Joshua. I love seeing what others have found regarding tools.

    For example, one of my very early adaptive mods I did with hex keys was to heat shrink a few pieces of on to provide grip. Heat shrink is an AMAZING versatile method to obtain a bit more grip on many different tools instead of going through the pain of 'dipping'.

  7. Thank you, this was one of the last things I needed to figure out before my first quad comes next week. Going to be relying heavily on your videos to figure things out. Thanks!

  8. Small hint for identifying different tools for when you grab them quickly is coloured tape or heatshrink on the handles.
    Use different colours for example red for phillips, yellow for slot, and blue for nut drivers.
    Helps those of us who's eyes are not like they used to be. 🙂

  9. I just went from 1032 to 1036 and it happened on the first roll but I did about 10 more and it seemed fine. I also recalibrated and the motors spin smoothly at 1020. One of the escs is missing some caps but that's not the arm that was dropping. Should I add a through hole cap to the one that's missing some?

  10. I just built a new quad with used escs and fc. I'm getting what I assume are desyncs after a fast roll. Right as I stop the roll it will drop an arm then quickly recover. I tried reflashing to 3.1.6 but same issue. Could recalibrating possibly help? I've run the escs with this radio but not with this fc. Any suggestions? They're blheli-s running multishot with sp racing f3 and brand new cobra motors.

  11. Love your videos… great for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced flyers…

    Can you do a video on the correct way to use the "mid_rc" command, especially when using Futabas… unsure as to whether one should follow the 1520 settings, or trim out my TX to conform to the 1500 settings and completely ignore the "mid_rc" command…

    Thanks in advance…

  12. Great minds think alike! Haha, I just recently bought the first two kits you recommend. I really didn't think I would use the 8mm socket for props but I've actually found it's much quicker easier than the wrench I was using before.

  13. For prop nuts I really like the small prop tools like the one made by DYS. They have evert size you'd need and small enough that you could even put one on your keychain if you wanted to. I find them more comfortable for tightening props than a traditional screwdriver handle, too.

  14. Affiliate links with work involved such as a (honest) video or review, is how it is supposed to be. People just spamming them with zero effort, trying to make money is when I call people out haha.

  15. Joshua I hurt my skin on my fingers quite often when mounting or even dismounting props. My problem is always holding the motor bell while screwing the prop nuts. Lately I used gloves, but those gloves should have some gripping material otherwise the bell always slips and I am having difficulty to lock the prop and nut.

  16. Prop nuts. Found 3 useful items.
    1. Cordless screwdriver & socket end
    2. 8mm socket
    3. Band Aids

    Also I'd really like to find a mini metric tube spanner set.
    Do these exist??

    Thanks again Joshua.


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