Quadcopter Drone Flying Lessons


Want to learn to do more than just hover your quadcopter? This flight tutorial video will help you learn how to fly and turn your quadcopter. Horizontal …


  1. Came back to this series of your flying lessons as a refresher before flying a qc for the first time in my life – and it has helped me get comfortable flying really quickly! Thanks for all the hard work, it really shows you are enjoying this…

  2. Great lesson! Thanks. Now I'm able to do banking turns and funnels left and right (no pun intended lol) and even tornadoes. I was flying the Hubsan H111 the little nano that is so nimble. However I find the transition to my H501S a bit awkward.

  3. Hi 101. Randy here. Going to Jamaica and would love to get some of the up high videos. I was wondering what you might suggests for a beginner
    Would Like The following. He video -waterproof – one key return -6 axis – do you have any suggestions. I leave in two weeks. Thank you

  4. Hi Quadcopter101, I left you a comment 2 months ago when you were reviewing the MJX Bugs 3 and asked you opinion. Now I have to admit, it's not a toy. I will be exercising using your tutorial. It really has the "umf", crashed it 1 single time quite hard but it survived. I don't plan crashing it anymore

  5. I was in the Martial Arts for 20 years and also trained with hand guns for 5 years.  I know the importance of drilling the basics until they become muscle memory.  Your examples are perfect, just what I was looking for.  I am new to drone flying and didn't know how to start learning.  I have been practicing your drills and it has helped a lot, I now have a starting point. Thank you very much.

  6. thank you quadcopter 101 for this video, just learning the basics, i have a u807 nihui , and doing great now adjusted on the forwards and backs and sides of controlling the quad, now practicing reverse forward and backwards and sides. hope to do the banking nxtime and the funnels tnx mate!

  7. Bought an Eachine Wizard 220…So far so good, but tomorrow, I'm downgrading to a 3S battery. The 4S is way too powerful for a newbie, indoors, in a Kindergarten classroom.

  8. Hello Quadcopter 101
    Thanks for the very informative videos, i have followed your instructions and are now becoming more adept at it, today i ordered me a Yoshan i8H as you seamed to give it a quite good review but i have noticed it hasn't come with a camera can i ask what camera would you recommend for FVP flying i am a total novice at this and i am learning my hobby from your instruction so any help would be a great help

  9. hi i just got the e010 mini nano and was ready to toss it in the bin until i watched this video with only 5 mins fly time until i get spare batts my skills are developing for a £20 drone i love it thanks for the video and i deffo recomend the e010 as a first entry to drone or quad flying great video

  10. Do you recommend learning to fly on a nano (FQ777/cheerson 10) before moving on to the Syma X8 or is the Syma X8 recommended as a standard starting point. Living in Canada and trying to by the X5 vs the X8 doesn't seem to make any sense because all costs involved make the X8 just a bit more expensive.

  11. I need your help flu my cheerson cx20 went great than the next day I flu it reached height than started spinning for no reason like it was in headless mode have no clue can you help


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