Q7 FY326 Quadcopter Drone Review (SYMA X5C Clone) – [Setup, Mods, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]


Here’s a review, mods and opinions on the Q7 FY325 (Syma X5C-1 Replica) after 15+ flights. Get yours here: and use coupon code: FY326.


  1. I took the battery door off and removed the battery holder Straps. It then took 1200mah batteries, slightly longer though and do not slide fully in but work fine.
    I used a Velcro strap to hold them in, a little Velcro on the battery also.
    Really increases the flying time and can handle the extra weight just fine.
    Mine had amazing transmitter range, it practically had never gone out of range and I have seen it dot size just before I lost it over a forest in high altitude winds, I could see I still had control but the wind was severe up there, I was using the lighter 600mah battery at the time, the extra weight of a 1200mah may have helped a little better in those kind of winds but not by much, one learns lol.
    The little thing was so good for £!5.98 that I'm getting another as I'll have 10 batteries and extra props, controller and prop guards.
    It was your video that inspired me to get one, Cheers, great little quad, I hope the next one is so good.

  2. Can you please update the link for the upgraded battery? The link you supplied is broken.

    OR, could you just reply to this comment with the battery type/specs/link/etc? I really would like to get the upgraded battery ordered asap. Thanks for your review!

  3. When I removed the rubber covers off two salvaged D-Link router antennae, I noticed that the insulated wire stubs were approx. 28mm long and not the 3.125 cm that is 1/4 wavelength of 2.4GHz and thought "how could D-Link be so sloppy?"
    Apparently the dialectric (plastic coating surrounding the radiating/receiving wire) slows down the radio waves so that the required length for 1/4 wave should be 28mm, not 31.25mm.
    This info from user Ribble at RCgroups(dot)com/forums/showthread.php?t=2371720

    So, a bare wire would need to be 3.125cm long, and if insulated (or inside a rubber ducky housing) it should be shorter from the point where it exits the decoupler. Ribble also suggests the following:

    The coax cable from the transmitter solder points should be multiples of 43.4mm to match impedances if using RG405 coax cable.

    Too complicated for me…

  4. can confirm with you, the transmitter range is 100 feet or 100 meter?
    cause i watch others review all said can go about 100 meter by using the stock transmitter.

  5. Q7 FY326 I have had mine for a while it was my first Got it out today to fly a while but it will not bind the light continues to flash I put new battery's in the transmitter and doubled checked the quads batteries any suggestions Thanks a bunch

  6. @Dustin Dunnill hey buddy i just got one of these great flier will 800 mah batterys do damage and /or will they fitt in the battery cargo bay ?? all the best guy from across the pond

  7. I love Dustin's reviews, they are so detailed and intelligent, a little on the long side sometimes, but hey proper intellectual analysis takes time. And it’s a lot better then watching some yahoo standing out in the desert showing off another one of his FREE new RC toys and calling it a review.
    With that said, while watching Dustin’s Q7 review it’s hard to believe that it’s the same quadcopter I have. While we both have the crappy red board versions, I watched him fly his all they way down the field to where we couldn’t see it on video any more then fly back again without a single problem, while mine loses signal and drops out of the sky like a rock at around 75 feet. After 15 pretty aggressive flights his Q7 appears to still be in good enough shape for him to enjoy it for many more flights, while my Q7 after only 12 short and very docile flights isn’t going to make it to 15 flights without me replacing all the motor seats, gears, and propeller shafts first.
    He received his in April of this year and I purchased mine in August so I guess it’s safe to assume that the quality has degraded even that much more since then. I do have one little discrepancy with Dustin’s advise that everyone should remove the landing gear from their Q7’s as soon as possible. I live in the same desert area where yahoo videos his reviews, we don’t have any nice cushy grass to take off and land in, when our quads are on the ground it’s in sand and rocks. With the underneath of so many quads having open exposed gears the landing gears adds a little extra separation to keep things out of the gears.
    I found a source for new Q7 pinion gears, hears the link…

  8. anyone know if there's a way to shut-off the LED's on the fy326 during the daytime to save battery? FYI, my new fy326 drops like a rock out of the sky at about 70ft, and that's after doing a mini version of the range mod

  9. Thank you for your review, helped me decide on this one, and it's very good for beginners, were you able to make the video for modding the antena and have a longer reception? Cheers from Mexico!

  10. Just got around to watching this, as I had a (short lived) Q7 myself. One thing which might not be correct in your review was that you said the motors were the same size as the X5C. I had to replace motors in a X5C .. they are 7.2mm in dia. x 20mm long. The motors in the Q7 were 8mm x 20mm long. I know this because I tried to use the motors from my dead Q7 in the X5C, and they were too big, so I had to order the 7.2mm ones. The earlier green FC board had good range (per Quadcopter101 review) but subsequently, the red FC board range sucked (mine was red). So, I did a mod to increase the range. I started by changing the ant. inside the Q7. After all was finished and I was ready to button it up, I figured I'd give it a quick "bind test" to make sure all was well. Unfortunately, I grabbed a battery for a Heli-Max quad, which has the same plug on it, but the polarity is reversed. As soon as I plugged it in, it was "smoke city" in the kitchen. So, I scrapped it out, saving the motors and props. Pretty sure that the props for this guy are made for a larger dia. shaft, when compared to an X5C's props. I agree that the Q7 has more "punch" than the X5C, which comes not only from a better pitch angle, but also from the bigger motors. My Q7 carried my 808 camera without too much VRS problem, while the X5C acts like a "slug" when I load it down with an 808 Keychain. Ah well, too bad they ruined a good copter by messing with the FC board. I see GB now advertises this as only having a range of 30-50m .. which is about right. Still think, for a little bit more than $20, this is a good choice for a beginner, who doesn't need the extra cost (and weight) of an X5C-1 w/camera. Enjoyed your review, as always … Cheers!

  11. Hi Dustin,

    My problem is that it is turning clockwise. I tried to calibrate it with the buttons below the left stick, but either it didnt work or the effect was to weak, because there is a limit of about 10 “calibration steps”. Any Ideas?

  12. Hey Dustin,
    My drones have arrived! I used both batteries on the one drone, to get used to it.
    These are quite awesome for their cost. There were a few bumps, and I'm getting used to the controls, and trimming it up. I love school playgrounds!
    The expedited shipping was 7 days! But, now I now have to wait for the second shipment of batteries, that are not allowed with expedited shipping. My son is pretty pumped to play as well, and we have extra props and motors.

    Thanks for the videos on this drone. I'll have to find a location to find the range, but for now, small, tight fields, to keep us from going crazy.

    Again, thanks for the drone vids and Gearbest came through!

  13. Hey Dustin
    I'm getting so pumped about the quadcopters coming, I wonder if the camera that came with the original quad will work with the clone? They're only $20 on eBay.

  14. Hey Dustin,
    Are there multiple channels on the fy326? I saw a video of 2 of the quads on one controller. That I don't want
    My son wants me to buy 2 from Gearbest, to make the shipping worth while. Free shipping is 5 weeks, whereas $20 shipping is 10 days.


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