Prowler Camera Spy Drone Review- Huge Camera Drone – TheRcSaylors


Check out the Prowler Here – The Prowler “Spy Drone” might be a little too big to spy on anyone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!


  1. the fact that it turns back on after a few seconds makes me think it may be an overheating issue rather than range (a few seconds walking up to the drone to allow the motors/battery to cool). or perhaps a motor overload issue? odd. cool looking drone, but it's quite loud! btw your dog is adorable! my dog is scared of my drone (dji mavic and dji phantom 3 standard). he even runs from my micro drone. yours goes nuts over them! lol. good exercise!

  2. hey guys did you ever get the tarantulas?
    its fun to manualy flip it without propguards/cameras bogging them down lol…
    i left the legs on mine for that extra spider look…


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