Protocol Dronium Two Quadcopter Drone (w/HD Camera) Review


This review shows details of the Protocol Dronium Two Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and includes footage both of the drone flying (taken from the …


  1. Save your money and get the Syma X5c, its the exact same clone version. I bought the dronium two and returned it a week later, the motor burnt out after only a few flights with it. Syma sells for $30-50 on ebay… it did run nicely when it worked but you can get a much better drone for the money.

  2. So my cameria will not work. The user manual says that the camera will be flashing red if not working and green if it is working. Mine is a constant red when I turn it on the emits no light at all. I cannot take any photos or videos. HELP!!!

  3. thanks for your video. i just bought mine today and everything looks really fun the only thing i worry about is the flying time. in the manual says 7 minutes which is not a lot and is giving me second thoughts

  4. Hi Leo. Thanks for the detailed review of the Dronium Two. Got one for Christmas and am enjoying it. This is my first drone and I think for the price (I paid $150 US) its a good starter drone to see if you like it as a hobby or not. I do like it. Of course this drone has limitations, namely it is very hard to fly in moderate winds. When I get it about 30ft in the air, the winds take it and blows it of course. Last week I got it stuck about 35 ft. in a maple tree (btw, Go Leafs!). Thank God for much stronger winds that a few days later blew it out of the tree. I recovered it and it works fine. In conclusion, I think Dronium Two is a good starter drone but beware of flying it in even moderate winds and …watch out for the trees and power lines.

  5. Hey Leo, this was a great review, thanks! I appreciate knowing how to turn the video on/off and to snap photos. Your in-air video was excellent! I can't wait to find a clear field to start flying again! My number 1 piece of advice I would pass on to all your reviewers and other new drone owners is to Stay Away from Trees!

    I got a drone for Christmas and played with it in the house (a lot) and enjoyed it. Then I took it outside and violated the number one rule for new drone pilots, Stay Away from the Trees! My first day out, I sent it flying well over 100 feet and when I brought it down, part wind, part novice flyer, I went right into the very top of a tree!

    I just got it out of the tree today! Trees bad! Trees very bad!

  6. How exactly would I perform the 360 stunt? I tried what the instruction manual told me to do, but it didn't work. I know the stunt is suspended while the camera is installed.


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