Protocol Dronium One Quadcopter Drone with Camera


This video is of the Protocol Dronium One Quadcopter Drone with Camera.


  1. Came here looking to see if it would be worth the buy…thanks for the review. I'll pass on the dronium I think. I love my little Hubsan H107C. That little thing is super fast and with youtube's video stabilizer, you can get some great videos. I still have yet to upload a few of my better ones, but one of these days, i'll get to it. Building a Hubsan DiY with a 3D printed frame soon for FPV too. 🙂

  2. the battery simply does not charge. sometimes if i charge it for hours im lucky if i get 7 seconds out of it. Whoever wrote the instruction manual was an idiot, because it says to take out the battery to charge it. Well the battery is connected to a wire which would have to be ripped out. WTF? do not buy this, it is a piece of crap


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