Propel Zipp Nano High Performance Drone Flight Training


Propel Zipp Nano High Performance Drone Flight Training.


  1. How come in this video you plug the cord into a USB to wall plug, yet the sticker on my charging cable specifically states not to plug it into anything other than a computer port?

  2. Is there a way to just get the drone to hover, and stay at a particular height and only move it in the left/right directions? Or is this drone that incapable of not being able to hover? I've been trying and it only seems to be able to go up and down.

  3. Some water spilled on my drone and it flashes the lights slowly and doesn't want to fly. I opened up the drone and saw some water in there ,so I dried it up and cleaned some parts to the drone. I saw a wire cut off taped to the battery pack and I don't know if it was like that when I bought it.It still won't fly when I dried it.Can you please help me ?

  4. Mine is cutting the engines in the middle of every flights so they last about 2 seconds… I tried every speed and mode but nothing works. Anyone else is having the same issue ? It's very frustrating.

  5. My zipp nano's is locked in T mode, I tried to press the speed button but nothing change. I can't start my drone by pressing the on/off button. Please help me, I already changed the batteries but nothing work.


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