Propel Velocity HD Streaming Video Drone – Review and Flight


Review Video of the Propel Velocity HD Streaming Drone. This is a great drone for $100. Has a HD camera, capable of streaming to a …


  1. Jeez people…get a clue…you can get these online or WalMart. You take your chances when you buy an electronic device. Anyway, I bought one too…and ya know what? hmm? do ya?
    it is frikken awesome for the price! Flies great (take guards off), easy connection to my LG phone. Streaming camera is ok…better than expected for price, $50.00, WalMart. Hey..just "follow" the instructions to the letter

  2. Bought this exact Drone and in my opinion is a piece of shit!! First time I flew it , was almost the last time. I bumped into the car bumper at an astonishing slow speed, barely moving and the damn thing almost exploded. Two of the guards went flying and one of the arms broke off right at the drone body. The plastic its made from seems very brittle and breaks easily. Drone is very poorley crafted. Not worth the money, at all….

  3. i just got this at wal-mart my cam tilts 68 bucks and broght the 2 year exter plan that said had it about 4 feet went 100 yards now cant get the drone to reconect to the controler i did have it out side!!! and this is my very first drone so plz dont judge what did i do worng???

  4. Has a drone for 2 days drawing with sitting on the ground nothing Runing all of a sudden it started up went up about 20 feet lean forward and took off like a rocket with the controller sitting on the ground never seen the Drone again one week ago all that money wasted not a damn thing I can do about it either too bad I can't prove what really happened I make them replace the son of a bitch

  5. This is not a bad drone for the money. I also own a DJI Phantom 3 and this is just as responsive in the controls. you just have to pay more attention to where it's drifting because it lacks GPS. 10 minute battery life vs 20 on the phantom. also this drone is lighter so more forgiving if you crash it. I recommend it to any beginner.

  6. I'm a newbie. Just got this propel drone as a gift. I followed all the instruction seems everything is set. It starts okay but when I try to make it fly (hover) one of the propeller (left) stops and start moving forward to the left not hovering. Any one know why?

  7. I so sorry to fall in to this money lost company " Propel" one day it last my Tilt=Wifi Drone lost control about 60 feet and i cant get any control loosing the drone to a wood area and never found at the next day after purchase this, with 1 yr cover and no support whatever with the Prop web support plus the # to contact them 1- 866-765-2687 It's out of service.. I hope no one buy this crap. you loosing all what you pay them

  8. X 11 maximum.
    Missing one propeller guard out of the box.
    After take off hovering and flying up I tried to descend. Full throttle down makes it goes straight up high in the air unreachable. Luckily I realized if I gently throttle down I could hover it down slowly and retrieve it to return to the store.

  9. My son likes flying this one  a lot.  I had him figure how to fly it first before we  used the camera.
    Today I did finally get  the drone to make a video and some photos they were saved to my I-phone PPL-HD Drone APP.  When  go to the App on my phone I can see the photos and video.  How do you transfer to my computer so I can upload it to Facebook or You Tube or e-mail it to somebody using the phone? Unfortunately the App doesn't have any commands like that.


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