Propel Star Wars Battle Drone – Unboxing & Quick Tutorial


Here’s my unboxing and quick tutorial video of the Propel Star Wars Battle Drone. The version of the quad that I have is the TIE Advanced X1 version. My Pros …


  1. You can trim the ships if they drift. Press and hold the back right big shoulder button for a couple seconds and move the right stick as needed to trim. You can also turn on and off the lights for the laser lights by holding the bottom right silver button for 4 seconds and you will hear weapons activated. Then you can see the lights in front everytime you fire your lasers.

  2. is this childs toy American im right by za border and vont the toy? jew want to sell za childs toy my dota and son might vont it allwhite my 2 black kids do like it they say

  3. I got a tie advanced yesterday opened up the box and getting it set up i found that i only had 6 letter A propellers and no letter B ones so can't fly the damn thing until i get replacement blades

  4. The biggest problem with these drones is the instruction manual – it is simply terrible – the contents page is wrong, giving incorrect page numbers for various subjects, and it is littered with instructions like "press the button" ….WHICH frerakin button????
    many of the instructions are wrong – such as the way to enter sound / music mode
    Worst omission, there is nothing in the instructions which tell you how to get the drone to initiate flight mode and start its rotors – you find out by trial and error

    funn drone – beautifully packaged, but seriously let down by the worst possibl;e manual

  5. I know this is an old video but the video along with the comments helped me understand the controls on the X-Wing fighter my wife bought me a couple of days ago. She also bought me the Tie fighter but haven't opened that one up yet, I wanted to learn how to fly the X-Wing before I jumped on the next ship, thanks.

  6. Hi Great idea in theory But….. the unpacking in Australia has many major Disappointments!
    1/ No display startup event pack as per early YouTube. Sad marketing…. also.
    2/ Unable to bind with remote provided. So a HAZARD – does an immediate unstoppable flyaway in Training or speed 1 setting.
    Will NOT bind at all! I can't get to the desired 'double beep point'. No fun at all! As flies away till motors are killed at remote control. Ie No directional flying control at remote level. I only risked taking off 3 times and now decided too risky so seeking help …..
    3/ Unable to phone as all ph#s in Netherlands & America/Canada are now disconnected! Wtf?
    4/ reading the book it says return within 7 days of purchase in certain Country's. Nothing about Local support either so seems unmotivated re worldwide customer care. My poor example was bought the week B4 Xmas but wasn't opened till After 4th of Jan 2018. What now? I will prob get a refund before damage occurs. In my opinion 3 strikes and it's OUT!
    Hope you all had better luck than I did.

  7. Are there any tricks to calibrate it? I have one and it drifts ro the right?…. i know the button to press and calibrate, but it still drifts…..i was going to put a piece of paper under one side when calibrating. Any help? Please.

  8. At this price level it's amazing the drone has a barometric pressure send sore and a gyroscope stability . Once you calibrate the drone it then will hover between 2 and 6 feet in training mode , great for inside flying and not crashing into things . But once you turn it up to high-speed mode with three red LEDs the thing has full control and you can go really fast up to 35 mph. I really love the sound effects on the controller with the weapons and every button you press like the auto launch and auto landing buttons as well as the flipping action they call a evasion maneuver. I'm going to go buy another one so my daughter and I can have dogfights in the backyard with the infrared light weapons . When your drone is hit it affects the steering and the whole thing vibrates a bit each time on the third hit your drum will automatically stop and land wherever it is . After waiting a bit you can then take off again and rejoin the battle with your three lives again

  9. Thanks for your video! I got one today from apple store, I couldn't figure out how to launch! Your video is very helpful. Also I didn't know how to install the propeller properly. Please come to my channel and see the video I made today.

  10. I was watching your video was wondering how's the drone going is it still as fun as when you showed it. I am asking this because I am thinking of buying one but I have not seen any new up dates as far as reliability or anything…phone app, parts, breaks… Hate to invest if it is just a display, collectors item.

  11. Got mine before Christmas too still working despite a few crashes. It will be great in the summer for me as that's about the only time UK weather is decent enough to get it outside. Flying it inside is hard lol


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