Propel RC Quark Micro Drone Instructional Video


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  1. Micro drones are VERY hard to control. I know, I have many of them. It's just the physics of them and aerodynamics that dictate that. Also, the first time it crashes onto the floor, chances are the rotors picked up a hair or two so that makes it even more difficult to fly. Most can be picked up for about $20 and they are fun but it will eventually force you to but a bigger drone with much more stability and fun.

  2. Quark is great! I learned to fly drones indoors with the Quark. Easy to control and fly without crashing. I did figure 8 pattern indoors! Why did you quit making them? I can't find a Propel mini drone as good as the Quark. It has to do with the LED lights. I could even fly the Quark outdoors at night.


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