Propel Navigator Morph Folding Drone ☑️ ( Full Reveiw )


This is the the Propel Navigator Morph/WLToys Q636 Drone sold at Amazon However, I recommend getting the upgraded package with …


  1. This is odd. All propel brand drone controllers have that mysterious 3rd button that does "nothing". When I took that controller apart, there is a button hooked to circuitry. It isint a dummy button, it does something.

  2. Recently purchased this item. There’s four rubber feet on the bottom without them with drone is never a level so I can’t get it to turn on and I actually fly. Any ideas on how to fix that?

  3. Got it at kohls for 52. Where can I get extra batteries? Are there any improved compatible batteries? because the battery case looks like a small bettery inside with a lot of wasted space.


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