In this video I show you all you need to know before and during the flight of this drone . its a very cheap micro drone that isn’t short on performance. because there’s no altitude hold you…


  1. THE COMPANY IS TRASH LIERS one years free parts thats a lie i have a one month drone caint get no parts for it got parts once.your going to crash thay fly like shit go fast your hitting the ground the price is to high to just have a sitting drone miss this one there better companys an drones ……..dont waste your cash

  2. I just bought one yesterday. The weather here is nasty so I've Ben trying to fly it indoors. The problem I'm having is I'm used to flying the sky viper nano version and the controls for flying forward are opposite sides . And that keeps messing with my head and flying skills. Other then that it's an awesome little guy!

  3. Got the drone to mess around with figuring I would destroy it in a few hours because I saw it at Walmart but the little bastard’s tough! It’s also fun as hell to fly around inside or out, personally I highly recommend it (especially as a gift)
    I would also recommend learning to fly with it outside prior to any inside flights.
    It only lasts about five minutes but the battery is rechargeable in a reasonable time frame.
    Definitely worth the $20 you’ll use to purchase it, the only batteries required are the 2 AAA batteries for the remote.
    Full disclosure: I’m not exactly any kind of drone expert.


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