Propel HD Video Drone



  1. Looking to set-up the FPV option on the Propel Cloud Rider. Has an input for the FPV next to the camera port. Has anyone done this or know where to find the transmitter. Want to connect to a Tactic FPV-RM2 5.8 GHZ receiver.

  2. The arm on mine broke the first flight I took with it. I took it out to a soccer field like suggested, flew it around, the trim was all messed up so I was trying to adjust it. It slowly ran out of battery, when it landed (from the battery being dead) I replaced the battery. As soon as I put the battery in, the drone went bazerk, spinning and flipping on the ground, and I soon realized one of the arms was broken. I will be returning it to Costco for an exchange, but hopefully my next one will be a little more durable.

    I hope the team didn't sacrifice quality so that it would be under the FAA standards. I have no issue registering a drone with the FAA, but the shell on these feels very cheap FYI.

  3. Have not been able to get mine to stay in one place even in mode 2 and with the battery only lasting 10 minutes kind of hard to practice second battery on the way but really what good is it going to do?

  4. i have a question. is it normal for the drone to drift to the side if you let go of the controls? if not and if there is a way to fix it, plz let me know. thank you.

  5. Crazy world, I bet if you bought the Altitude 2.0 in the USA the instructions would be in English, Spanish and who knows what else….. BUT I bought mine in Mexico and the instructions are in Spanish only. OY VEY what to do? Can't find the instructions on line, any ideas or just learn to fly by youtube>

  6. These things break very easily. First crash and one of the arms broke. Very thin plastic. Body is also all one piece so no realistic way to replace (even if PropelRC sold replacement parts for this, which they don't. They don't even have this model listed on their website) I would hate to give this as a X-mas present and then have it break that same day. Avoid this product. Lots of better copters that are made of better quality materials out there. Also, other copters you can buy extra batteries. These ones only work with the 2 batteries Propel gives you, and they don't sell spares.


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