Propel Cloud Rider Video Drone


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  1. I need help mine flies but when I try to record it doesent it used to do it and I have vidios that I cant watch before it stoped recording and it stoped taking picturs to I only have 6 vids and 1 pic on my sd card and its 32gigs plz help

  2. Wanted to let you guys know that I got this for christmas in the 2.0 box with 2.0 instructions, so my family member ended up paying more than he should have. Is there someone i can call for this?

  3. VERY PISSED right now. Bought one of these for my adult son that has been an RC enthusiast for over 15 years. Open his Christmas gift and charge the battery, following EVERY instruction to a tee. Remote will NOT sync to drone. Even after repeating the process well over 50 times. Unable to contact Propel at this time due to it being Christmas Day. What a disappointment on Christmas Day…..ruined the entire day!!!!

  4. Hi, I purchased the Cloud Rider today and have tried taking videos and pictures while flying and while the drone is stationary but unfortunately none of the pictures or videos are showing up on the micro SD card. The SD card shows other footage which was taken previously on other cameras, so I know that the SD card is working. When I placed the SD card in the drone it "clicked" in and was held stable in the slot. When I press the record video and picture buttons on the remote it also makes the sounds as shown in the other tutorial video on your channel. Do you have any suggestions that could help me? I would really like to see the footage from this product. Everything else is working very well and seems to be a good product! Thanks!

  5. mine wont record videos??? i hit the video. buttom. "top left trigger" and the green indication light on the camera comes on. but when i go back to review….nothing.. takes all the pictures in the world.. but no video. please help


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