Promark Warrior Drone Unboxing & Review – Is It Worth $99?


This is my review of the $99.00 Promark P70 CW Warrior Drone that can be purchased at walmart. This is a full unboxing and review of this budget drone with a test flight. You can also mount…


  1. Will it just keep flying if it loses signal? Or will it just land where it is? I lost a syma drone yesterday. I was told it would just land. I ordered the promark today. That was my first time flying that new drone. My first time ever flying one. Lol it broke my heart to see it just fly away.

  2. Check out an IMax B6 battery charger. Pick up some spare batteries for a Syma X8 instead of trying to charge one battery in the drone for hours. These batteries are cheap places like ebay and amazon, and the charger is not very much either. If you are not charging the battery in the drone, you should only need to plug the red connector in, so you can change batteries quickly. DO plug both the white and the red connectors into the Imax charger so you get a balanced charge on the batteries. You will need an adapter cable to go from the battery to the charger, which you can also get on amazon / ebay. Read the directions for the charger and charge the battery with the proper settings at a charge rate no more than 1 X the current rating of the battery. Lipo batteries can be very volatile if charged improperly.


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