Promark vr drone review


Piece of crap.


  1. i bought one of these, works great right out of the box! Bought extra batterys, and the gopro attachment. Easy to fly. But like all other cheaper models, the flight time is short, this one is like 12 minutes. so yea get extra batterys.

  2. You haft to recalibrate the drone by picking the it up with the camera facing down and spin it in a 360 then turn it to the side so two of the blades are facing the sky and spin it in a 360.then sit it back down and recalibrate it again then it should get the equilibrium back normal

  3. by watching your video it seems that your trimming is off plus every time you have a little crash you must push the reset button. Put your gaurds back on especially if your a beginner pilot.


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