Promark P70 VR Drone with Action Camera Attached


Video was taken at a local park in Colorado. The video was originally filmed in HD but I was unable to get the file to convert back sorry for the low resolution.


  1. I have this drone with the Review XP C200 Action Camera 4K 16MP Ultra HD and the BTG Upgrade Extended Tall Landing Gear with Wide Shooting Angle and Anti-shock Anti-Jello Camera Holder

  2. Top of the morning to you Mike, my default camera on the promark stop streaming the controls for the camera work perfectly fine as far as up and down but the video will not come in to my phone or tablet so therefore I have come to the Drone Guru which is you for advice once more

  3. Hey Mike, sorry I haven't watched any of your videos here lately. Been busy flying my Bugs 3. But I just lost it in the woods. Its not far so I think there's still a chance I can find it. I love that quad. Its amazing. Anyway you said you had some extra promark p70 motors. Would you sell me a couple. I'll post a payment to your PayPal if we can agree on a price. Thanks Mike

  4. New to flying drones and I need help. I bought this Promark VR drone on July 30, 2017 and I downloaded the app and went through the steps to link my android phone with the drone. I can link the wifi on my phone to the drone but the problem is, I can't get the drone to stream video ( live or otherwise) to my phone with the app or with the controller. My phone runs android 6.0.1 and if I try to use the controller for pictures or video, when I press the button it makes the beeps but no video or pictures. When I try to use the app by pressing the camera icon I get nothing but the spinning circle in the middle of my phone screen as if the app is trying to load or connect with the drone. Am I missing something here?

  5. Bought my drone on Black Friday still haven't used it . Got my FAA numbers but I am 5 Miles from Hospital . How high can I fly it ? Where I live it is very windy . What max speed winds can I fly with no worries ?

  6. hey Mike I also live in Colorado so eyyy neighbor aha but I'm just getting started drone flying I have a syma x5sw-v3 it's a great drone very durable and you know records FPV but I'm looking to take this journey to a whole new level do you recommend the promark drone for photography and footage or would you suggest something different any advice would help thank you – Robert

  7. Mike, Armando here from Colorado Springs, Co. My camera's servo gears are stripped from impacting the ground due to lost signal. Is there another servo I can buy for it? I noticed this servo uses 5 wires and most servos only use 3. Please help


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