Promark P70 VR Drone – Unboxing and Review – Part 1


Unboxing – sorry for the lighting. Wanted to also say I found that there was 2 extra propellers, a small screw driver, and extra screws for everything. It was on the …


  1. Hi Mike, took the p70 out for the first time today. the first battery run went ok, the second battery(symax8) used the one button take off and the drone shot straight up in the air (way way up) i hit the button again to stop motors and then was able to restart it before it hit. this is my first drone so aby help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks much!!

  2. Great machine, and yes, they are a rebranded X8HW. Most, if not all parts for X8s will be compatible. I'm curious if a Syma X8HG 8mp wifi cam would work with it though. It may depend on how the MB is programmed. Software on rebranded Symas is usually done independently. Sometimes the MB itself too.


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