Promark GPS Shadow Drone


Promark GPS Shadow Drone/Quadcopter Review. Flight video & footage at the end. Also known as: SJRC S70W or Holy Stone HS100 You can purchase this …


  1. Brilliant little beginner's drone, I'm very happy with mine.

    What impresses me about it is the altitude it'll get to (makes for impressive aerial photos) , the range, as well as how easy it is to fly.

    The part I really like is the return function, if it gets out of range it'll automatically turn around and come back, and when the battery gets too low it'll land itself right back where you took off from.

  2. Ok I just got mine in this morning. The battery came with 3 lights of charge. The first thing I noticed after the battery died was it only came with one charge cable. So you can only charge the remote or the battery. One or the other. Also, I used my samsung galaxy fast USB plug that charges 5.0 or 9.0 volts and it charged my battery in about an hour. Not 6.


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