ProMark GPS Shadow Drone Controller Fixed


ProMark GPS Shadow Drone Controller Fixed #promark #gps #shadow #drone #controller #fixed.


  1. Your video just saved me a bunch of headache thank you! I have a new Shadow and was getting the Remote Battery problem … thinking I was needing a battery and such. I don't think that's in the manual! Thank you again!

  2. I have this same drone it worked fine but now the remote won’t charge? I’ve tried different ways of charging it t shows that it’s charging and that it’s in green but every time
    I try to turn the physical remote on nothing happens

  3. Wish I had the same luck. Tried your approach for hours with no luck. Same view on my iPhone app, but can’t get the controller to sync. Can’t get the two to “bind”. Don’t know of any alternatives for getting this unused drone to work either as it’s well past the warranty.

  4. Yes I have the promark GPS shadow drone and the remote control just stopped getting power to it and when I plug it into the USB cord and a red light will suddenly appear and imeditley turn green but it will never charge it just does that and when I take it off charge it has no power it will never come on just the one light will appear when it's plugged into the USB cord it never does have any power when it's not plugged into the USB cord it never does anything but the red light and then suddenly it will turn green but that's all it will do nothing else but that please if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it thank you

  5. Hi, my name is yonus I have this drone too… so I have the same problem with controller battery too I just did like you did in the video but still doesn't work so what should I do now ?

  6. My instruction booklet (unit purchased for xmas 2017) says to bind in Step 2 then after that (and an explanation of the LED functions at that point) it then has a NOTE about you 'being able to use the wifi App NOW or after full calibration'. It does not say you can do this prior to syncing.
    Thank you for posting these. Mine crashed on flight #2 at 3'. The last drone battery LED was flashing but the large LEDs were still steady and it flipped/crashed in the grass on beginner settings 🙁
    I may just go back to the nitro heli, add naza and a camera lol 😛
    I do not know if I had this issue since I never tried the app till tonight in a ground test (after 2 flights, total) but is has provided me some insight. Thanks again. I am considering putting in a molex connector on the board in the drone and adding a 600+ Mah battery.
    I may even go with a bad boy 10a/3500Mha 18650 if there is room.

  7. All you need to do is press up and down on the left joystick when you start your quad it's called pairing your drone ….. so step one turn on drone step 2 turn on controller step 3 place drone on flat surface step 4 press up then down on the left joystick on the controller and finally pair the wifi

  8. Anyone had an issue where you cannot exit the beginner mode? I have 2 of these drones, one saves the new settings perfectly, the other just hangs on saving indefinitely. It's stuck at 30m Not so fun.

  9. I didn't try this but to override the GPS I think u hold the headless mode for three seconds then it will keep gps supposed to be disabled and supposed to be able to fire it up now I read this never tried it

  10. So I have a promark shadow drone, and I get no lights or beeps on the remote at all. I have put it on the factory charger several times thinking that it was dead. Will charge for about five minutes then show full charge. I remove it from the charger and press the power button, Nothing… bad controller? Bad connections?..

  11. It flys thank you, at what point do you take it off beginner and set parameters and save them. Because as you know it is set to default to beginner mode. Each time you start it is in beginners I know you can set them but it doesn't let me save it. I am probably doing something wrong because I do it when I turn on the app in the order you just explained. I know you can't set return home higher than flight altitude. It doesn't save th e flight settings which according to the manual it is suppose to just asking for your thoughts or any subscribers thoughts thanks

  12. I just got one same thing. I thought it was charged the light was blue I think I went out side and did what you said when I turned on the app. It still shows dead controller. I am new to drones so I figured I was doing something I went back in and it is still charging I am using a 5 port 30 volt so I don't know what to do my controller still in my 15 day store warranty any suggestions ? My first time seeing your channel I like the channel, you are a straight shooter. Could it be my charger isn't strong enough

  13. Dude THANK YOU!!! I literally returned my first shadow to the store bc the controller was always dead. I got another one and BAM same thing. I was rather upset but then I googled the issue and boom your video fixed the problem immediately. Promark should rewrite the steps to starting up the drone bc telling you that you can connect to app before the binding is WRONG!!!

  14. you can by pass gps this way.turn on quad,turn on controller, bind controller with quad.then do level calabration. hold headless mode button down untill you hear a long beep. press launch button. have fun flying inside.

  15. IN THE INSTRUCTIONS… Hold the headless mode button for three seconds to switch off the GPS , again hold the button for three seconds to turn it back on… This must be done as the last step before taking off.. Enjoy

  16. I really thought I had a fucked up remote, I flew this thing only a couple times, charged the remote.. I clearly had the steps wrong, it's crazy that they don't let people know this, cuz my remote is charging overnite etc… I havnt tried this technique yet but I'm sure it's going to work… thx for the insight… I'm a rookie to this

  17. I am having a problem with My shadow drone battery. It worked fine for two days, then one day I took it off the charger and all the battery lights were blue except that one of the lights flashed constantly. when I loaded it in the drone.. the drone lights comes on.. But the drone does nothing. the power button does nothing and the drone cannot be shut off unless you pull the battery. Please help!

  18. But my remote won’t turn on and it says it’s green can anyone help me with that like I try to turn it on and the remote won’t do anything it charges and it’s green but it still won’t work can anyone help me please

  19. I have a Promark Shadow and i was able to fly it once and now I have yet to be able to bind controller to drone. I have 2 full batteries. I turn on drone then the controller. Once the controller is on i move the left joy stick up then down. I hear a beep for up and for down. After this step the lights will never change again. The 11 and 1 positiin and the 1 and 11 position change nothing and i am unable to ever get solid lights which should indicate ready to fly even after the 360 rotations of the drone. In at a loss. Only been in the air once since Christmas.

  20. got this drone a few days ago everything turns on fine fully charged  no gps signal where im at so I tried the override and the transmitter shuts off every time even not trying the override it shuts off as soon as I try any of the buttons not the control sticks just the command buttons  bought it from a friend and it worked just fine  not sure what im doing wrong

  21. So i got one of this drone for my Christmas present and was so eager to fly it. When turn on the drone the blue and white lights came on then it goes to the red blinking. When turn on the remote the lights came on with the battery blinking and i know its full charged. The drone also didn't respond to the remote being turned on and just continue blinking read. I am guessing this may be a bad battery issue. If so where can i purchase a new one and if not does anyone has any advice for me plz? Thanks in advance 🙂

  22. Im so sick of my Shadow GPS. I returned one for having a dead battery that wont charge, now the drone will charge but the controller battery will not charge or even turn on. I am so fed up with it I have made multiple 40 minute trips, although it doesnt seem like much it is very much frustrating and being so excited about it just for it not to work.


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