ProMark GPS Shadow Drone Controller Failure


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  1. Same thing happened on the one my son bought with his savings. Plus the drone itself will not charge, 4th blue light to flash as the pack charges never quits flashing. It went about 5 feet off the ground then phone app showed totally dead on drone. Minutes laster the controller icon showed discharged as well.

  2. I got mine for Christmas and didn't try it because of the cold weather, waited till summer. I watched your videos, mine won't bind at all. Turn on the drone, lights flash then turn red. Turn on the controller up down left stick it beeps both times, won't bind. Batteries are all charged also. Took the controller apart, checked the battery fully charged. At a loss right now, any suggestions. Thanks

  3. My drone and transmitter quit connecting after 2 months of great operation. Now when I turn on the drone the camera doesn't self adjust. I turn on the remote lights up fine, but 12 and 6 with the left joystick has no response from the Drone.
    I connect to WiFi and open the app and the camera image appears fine on the phone screen. But my stats for the drone and remote located corner right, both show no battery, a red no battery icon..
    I'm stuck, Yes both the drone and controller are fully charged. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Had same problem, never got the chance to fly!!! Bought it on Black Friday! Took back and got money back!!!
    Don't BUY!!!

  5. I have this same Drone I receive the same message in the apt until you connect the remote to the drone Follow the step's in the startup guild once you are ready to fly you'll see everything is in order and you have a full battery on the controller there is nothing wrong with it. You just need to follow the step's for startup

  6. Thank you so much. I would have continued to think that I had incorrectly set up the drone. I could never get the remote controller to charge enough to sync. Returning to Walmart for a refund.

  7. I could not even get my controller to turn on. Call Promark and they said they would be sending me a new one. Said they have had a number of issues with this controller

    Following up Promark was very good at coming through. I got my new controller in 3 days.

  8. I have the same drone , your battery isn't bad. When you turn on the drone then turn on the controller, you just need to press up then down on the left joy stick to pair it. This has to be done every time you turn it on. Once this is done your battery will show full charge.

  9. Thks for telling me I got mine and I have not had any issues yet but I've charge the Drone up twice and have not charged the control up except for that first time now I'm expecting problems when I do

  10. Im having a slightly different problem. My controller is charging as should, Turns on, Drone works. Problem is, When it states " Move left stick up then down, Lights should flash blue and white" Mine do not change, Do not flash. I believe it to not be syncing. Can you give me some advice?


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