Promark GPS Shadow Drone Camera Teardown


I took the camera part to show everyone how it hooks up. mazon Influencer Shop Find me on social media at: …


  1. Hiya, I have a SJRC S70W with a Wifi issue on the default camera. I have data but no image. Therefore I bought a new camera for this drone, 1080P this time, but I cannot even see its WIFI at all, so basically its useless. Any chance you would know if there is some trick with these annoying things? thanks very much

  2. Has anyone tried changing the video TX antenna on the camera with a pigtail connector and sma antenna ?. Wonder if there is a reason why it’s not being done. You Should have enough coax with a pigtail connector to still mount a sma antenna out the way and still have enough coax slack to adjust the camera movement.

  3. I contacted promark about removing the camera and if that would affect drone functions. here's their reply. You don't have to tear the camera apart.

    The Wifi is actually part of our cameras and only serves the purpose of connecting your phone to the live video feed. All of the GPS functions (follow me/auto land/return to home) will not be affected by changing out the camera.

  4. That white stuff around the antenna connector, is that glue? And if so, do you know if it might be easily removed so you can change the connector on the board? Perhaps very carefully with a soldering iron?

  5. When you had the camera assembly apart, did you notice whether the servo arm could be repositioned so that the camera points slightly up. I'm making up a jig to tilt the camera about ten degrees, but if I can accomplish the same thing by just adjusting the servo arm it will save a lot of work.

  6. Mike. I’m a new subscriber and have a promark gps drone. I can get the video on my Apple tablet but not on android phone. It’s a meotorola moto 4 e. I have tried removing it and reloading it several times. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Great channel by the way. CharlieB

  7. I took off the 3dbi WiFi antenna and mounted a 9dbi long range outdoor antenna on the unit for better range on video and readings. I don’t have a go pro but that’s what I did for much better, about triple, coverage while flying.

  8. I also have a question have you done a hubsan review on there hubsan 502e drone without the FPV if do you think i could take the hubsan camera board out and put a VTX board in an replace the camera with a real small FPV camera

  9. Why couldn't you use a VTX board and an fpv camera with the board it wood have a small antenna off the VTX board he should all fit inside of that camera Dome because the VTX board is not much bigger than your WiFi board

  10. Thank you for doing this! I was thinking of taking the camera apart myself but I'm a college student with limited funds, so a damaged drone is a huge no no. For FPV do you think it would be possible to put the camera module in front of the drone (on the body between the front 2 propellors) to still have FPV and record with a Action Cam? That way you wouldn't need to use the wifi on the cam and have that interference bothering the drone.

  11. Thanks Mike. I was hoping You'd do this. I'm going to take mine apart, with the hope of finding a way to use the promark controller with a motorized gimbal. I really want to be able to have that up and down adjustment from the controller rather than from a phone app.


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