Pro Tip Tuesday: 3DR Solo Drone Photography and Good Light!!!


While flying my 3DR SOlo Drone the other day I realized how important Good L:ight is for a beautiful capture. All of the photography rules still apply to your drone …


  1. Enjoyed the class. As you demonstrated, the play on light is all in all. With a hand held or tripod, you can make adjustments as needed. In the air, you take the best you can get and then compensate in review. Looking forward to learning more from your work. Long time amateur, always looking to improve. Love the 3dr Solo. When do you choose to filter the gopro ?

  2. Great video however you need to make a few adjustments to your GoPro. Your EV comp is set too high on your GoPro which is causing graininess also you need to change your settings to 1080 at 60 fov linear for a flat Horizon. Also if you're using any UV filters do not use them on the GoPro while it's connected to the Drone it slows down the shutter speed causing blur effect


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