PREMIUM freestyle drone for CHEAP! Sabotage RC Dingo


Sabotage RC freestyle drone review. This cheaper drone from sabotage RC is a well thought out high quality free style drone that wont break the bank.


  1. Just watched my buddy fly his new Armatan drone. Totally amazing. You can feel the build quality just holding it in hand. Cant wait till i can afford the dingo. Thanks for the review.

  2. It's a great frame. I'm running mine with 6" arms and HQ 5.5x4x3 props. It flies beautifully, the only downside is the short fuselage which makes it hard to fit bigger batteries. But for the price, who can complain?

  3. hy uav can u tell me a cool kit under 250 with fpv monitor or something just like that. im hoping you gonna answer
    and keep record good contant. im planing im gonna start this hobby

  4. i like the sabotage story and the idea behind it. some of us cant afford the most expensive gear. im hoping to get my hands on some of their products in the near future when i save some more money up

  5. I think it would be helpful to say…
    The dingo frame is only $38
    You can just buy the frame and source out your own parts if you like or you can add on at Sabotage….
    The 2306 motors are only $11 each
    The 35a ESCs are only $9.50 each
    The CL Racing FC is under $30
    The Foxeer Camera is about $35
    The TBS vtx is $24.95

    You can buy all these parts and build it yourself or you can have it professionally built and tune to perfection for only $45

    All of the above are choices.

    I think that qualifies as a budget build 🙂

  6. I have a few questions to ask you about building your drone. Maybe I missed it. But after you buy everything and put it together how do you get it to work. I purchased mine already put together and never figured out how it all works.

  7. Stu, could you try looking into the problem . I copy my video url into drones changed my life and only for a brief moment it stays and the disappears. Other members seen this. Cheers

  8. I go for the $112 Tero Q215 from Gearbest, build it myself with the same quality like the Dingo. And having a better durability when crashing a quad doesn't apply to me, because I have decided not to crash anymore……

  9. I really do wish you will read this, Stew 🙂
    Unfortunately, i am losing the interest of your channel due to numerous reasons.
    It's a shame considering your channel get me flying 🙁
    Please, understand them as a constructive criticism, some things to consider, perhaps make better.

    1 – You are never in focus while in studio (the quad wall is)
    2 – Too much of the same rambling all over (repeating yourself constantly)
    3 – While on the field, the sound is terrible, the sound levels vary A LOT it tearing my ears apart – 3 more minutes in any editing SW can fix it.
    4 – Trev's and Call's "reviews" on the field are too long and kinda the same on 90% of the videos.

  10. Stew ive also had really good experience with sabotage they have great customer service ive been ordering there products for a long time now and they have always treated me right. Example i fried an esc and totally my fault i called and got another one sent out right away and they didnt charge me.

    P.S. thanks for all you do for our community your the reason i started flying so thanks for being the person responsible for me and some many others having so much fun!!

  11. Quite funny at the moment I'm building a freestyle quad based on the Dingo 5 frame 🙂 I'm pretty happy with the quality of the frame but I'm using different components except for the escs. Can't wait to see it in the air


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