POWERUP FPV: LIVE streaming camera on a paper airplane drone


POWERUP FPV lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your very own paper airplane. A live video feed let’s you see what your plane …


  1. I want something like this that dives underwater for metal detecting near beaches. Having solar cell wings and even motion generation, could allow it to float and recharge if need be.. No one wants to lose their toys and tools.. Drone metal detectors might then be used to find land mines etc.

  2. LISTEN!!! Shy, please please please when Power Up FPV is out to the public, (not on kick starter anymore.) make sure there is a lot of power coming from the propellers, as much as i love power up 3.0, whatever plane i create will not fly. (could just be me.) (probably is.) there is nowhere enough power to make my planes fly. if its not that i am doing something very wrong. please tell me, (anyone,) all the things i need to work my Power Up 3.0.


  3. So basically we have to pay $159 for something thats made out of card board, a tiny-ass motor, small pieces of plastic with goggles?….nah. were actually paying for the goggles. I rather buy a drone for that much. with HD recording cameras.

  4. I would like to buy one, but without the fpv. I like the concept with two motors but the fpv will make it havier and shorten the flighttime and i dont need it. Iam sure many orhers think the Same.


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