PlexiDrone Review of How to Power Up Your UAV Plexi Drone Rugged Drone Smart Battery?


PlexiDrone Review and Video Tutorial of How to Power Up your PlexiDrone X8 and X4 Rugged Drone UAV! Link to the drone website is: This is just a sample of the Plexi…


  1. Are the lighting colors on the Plexi battery different from the lighting indications on the rest of the drone. Looks like the lighting on detachable plexiarms are a bit different from the plexidrone's body?

  2. Obviously PlexiDrone X8 > X4 but …. X4 is a nicely understated clean design. But then again, it really is hard to beat the power of X8. Saying that for across the whole UAV space. X4 or X8, Plexi is rugged either way! 😉


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