Planning the farm…drone tour of the land and timber operation..future plans for farming?




  1. Very cool footage of the farm! You should send some of those trees my way! My farm was all CRP for the last 25 years before I bought it and about 75% of it is still in the program for another 5 years. When it's in CRP, you have to keep the trees off of it. It's a bummer, 80 acres and only about 6 trees… Anyways, what kind of grass are you planning for your pastures? I will have to plant some as well once mine comes out of CRP, just curious what you are using because it looks good!

  2. Josh a good catch of pasture grass , paddock fences. a loading platform a good water supply and you'll have a line of people stretching all the way down you're lane wanting to rent rotating pasture from you. It's getting harder to find north of you.. Looks great Lets just hope that Hurricane Irma doesn't destroy all you've accomplished thus far.

  3. Thank you for including the legal stuff about drones its great to see someone who actually know what the laws are and following them.
    There are so many people out there that just don't think about how dangerous they can be.

  4. Now i cant speak for everyone , but i loved the drone . My grandfather was born in Surry County North Carolina. I shot of pilots knob . I was kinda hoping you were close enough to it too . I was looking for it on the horizon lol. I didnt see it but it was a bit hazy

  5. Nice video, Josh. Today's video is a little ironic for me. I have a part-time business, Top Shot Productions, in which I do a lot of video and pictures for realtors using my drone. I have what I call "Friday fly day" as a way to keep my piloting skills sharp and it's raining here in KY today, so no flying for me. But at least I got to watch you fly! Check out my channel named "Top Shot Productions" and let me know what you think about the videos. Keep yours coming.

  6. Awesome video as always. Love the tunes and the drone videos showing the progress. Watching your videos makes me so interested in starting my own farm one day. Damn your hard work is paying off man!


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