Planning and Travelling with Landscape Photography Gear | What’s in My Camera Bag 2018


In a few days, I’m flying across to Tasmania with a couple of mates for some landscape photography. I’m currently planning the trip, working out what I’m going to …


  1. Wonderful overview Andrew. Sorry for the late reply as I was on back-to-back holidays. Excellent tips. Now I have to check out that seaside video – it was a challenge with all that "sea air" and camera gear. Thank you again for integrating my suggestion. Looking forward to the Tanzi videos. Cheers.

  2. Just thought of a topic you could cover. Whats your workflow when out and about creating a vlog and shooting high end pictures on the same time. Do you concentrate first on shoting the image and then vlog it or do you vlog and shoot in yhe same time etc. Whats your thinking in building up a blog. How do you film and organize key elements in the vlogs etc. Looking forward to see your next vlog. Cheers.

  3. I was wondering if you would do a video on your system to keep track of the local sites you scout in advance? I realize some days are just about going out and getting lucky and finding a shot you like but others are about a peaceful walk in the woods a chance to do reconnaissance for future days when the conditions are right. I have a few places in mind in my area but I wonder if I would miss an opportunity to photograph a great spot because I forgot about the composition. I am learning so much from your videos and I am already seeing more purpose to my photographs instead of spinning the photography wheel of chance and hoping I got something good.

  4. Really looking forward to your trip to Tasmania! One tip from an old friend who was a bit of a stooge was to wear a few layers onto the plane and filled his pockets with extra stuff. He looked like Michelin man but squeezed and extra 10-20kgs onto the plane. After take off he’d go to the bathroom and strip off and load an extra bag he tucked away!! My trip to Iceland was bang on 12kg which Klm allowed and I deliberately did not go on Etihad for their miserable 7.5kg allowance!

  5. As always a great and informative video – enjoy the trip and looking forward to the videos you bring back.

    Quick question: I have got the same Vlogging setup up as yourself – X-T100 & Rode VideoMicro microphone, but am getting an outrageous amount of background hiss! Have you had any issues with the sound quality when using the external microphone with the Fuji?

  6. Very nice Andrew in particular highlighting Australia’s forgotten state,Tasmania.
    Skippy Sky is a great site for planning your outings and is as or more accurate than my local weather service.
    Be safe in your travels mate,always welcome your vlogs and love following your adventures.

  7. Throughout your U.K. trip last year you looked incredibly well organised, especially as you were carrying your cricket gear as well. When you got to Iceland, in that van, that was the ultimate in organisation though.

    Even as a Canon shooter I appreciate the D850 is the best landscape camera out there, and I think you are one of the few photographers I know who has the talent to get the best out of its capabilities.

    I have some reverse grads, and wouldn’t use anything but that type now with seascapes. I use the Format Hitech who, along with Benro, are making brilliant, totally neutral filters at a much better price. I have a light on my new mobility scooter but I still use a head torch, they are priceless. With the cloths I also take an old flannel facecloth for wiping to outside of my camera etc. Because we have to stay in cottages and I’m never far from the car charging can be done any time, but I still take ample batteries with me including a spare for my Bronica winding motor which I once forgot and had to try and hand wind it without a crank handle. It gets painful by the time you are on your third roll of film. I have a little cleaning pouch always attached to my bag. I attach my bag to the seat on my scooter which restricts the size I can use, I’ve had a Kata Bumblebag which is 2.10L for a few years and it’s still as good as new. I’m not allowed to fly, so my only restriction is being able to pick it up and get it on my seat.

    One of the main things stopping us going to Continental Europe is the amount of extra gear we have to take before putting anything else n the car: Mobility Scooter, large rucksack full of medication (I take 22 different ones including my nebuliser), backrest for my bed, chargers for scooter and back rests, extra pillows, camera gear for wildlife and landscape so the big lens comes, my Bronica and it’s lenses are in its own case, 3 tripods on one is for my Swarovski scope, and on another my gimbal head, 2 walking sticks. Then my wife insists on taking up more room saying we need to take a change of clothes with us…and finally I have to fit said wife in somewhere. I think it’s a good thing that I’m not allowed to fly, I’d need a mortgage to pay for the extra weight. The medical things are a necessity, and the other things are a choice, but those choices mean we enjoy ourselves doing what we are passionate about.

    An exceptional video Andrew, with great tips and ideas. Have a great time in Tasmania when you get there.


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