Phantom 4 Pro | Unboxing, review and drone backpack! | iJustine


Unboxing and test flying the latest Phantom 4 Pro! ▻ Phantom 4 Pro: ▻ Drone Backpack: ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR …


  1. Hi iJustine thanks for the video and bag recommendations, I bought the bag and i really love it i have my P4P and my Mavic in it which I carry with me most of the times.

  2. Hi Justine,
    As of this writing, can you install/download DJI GS Pro, or other third-party Apps (ergo. DroneDeploy, UAV Forecast, My Radar, etc.) with the P4P+?
    Since your initial review, can you articulate any weaknesses with the P4P+?
    Lastly, do you have a favorite hard shell case? Cheers.

  3. Wish you were more informed before making any judgment on any RC Drone, Helicopter, or Plane, you have no experience and what's worst is your telling others to expect X, Y, Z and in fact it isn't true at all. From a professional standpoint and over 35 years of hands on experience you should NOT do any unboxing without doing your research first, read the instructions and then compare it to others in the same class; only then can you make your educated opinions <—— thats right, yours stink…. All this video is was random Idiocracy.

  4. Hello Justine.
    İ bought phantom 4 pro+. İt is a super bird. But i couldn't use microphone on the controller.
    Do you know how i can use the microphone top on the screen?
    Thanks already…


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