Phantom 3 Tutorial – Getting Started – Setup, Tips & Tricks by SuperDrones


In this video I quickly show you how to setup and get flying safely with your new DJI Phantom 3 drone. Learn to fly cinematically at …


  1. Great video. Subscribed.

    I'd like a Phantom 5 when it comes out too but some of us are economically challenged. The 3 for under 300 is a fine starter for me. Thanks for the information.

  2. Good vid – I like that you calibrated it by turning the quad round its own axis, not using your body as the axis and spinning it round yourself like most demonstrations do. It still seems to calibrate the other way but it can't be as accurate IMO.

  3. please reply I sub and like and added this to my favorite playlist but when u calibrated it on the compass does it come back to ur when u lose it if not can u do a tutorial of that please

  4. does the phantom 3 standard have 2 different controllers ive seen 2 different ones used in tutorials and will a ipad mini 2 fit in the device holder and why did you use a cable to connect the ipad to the controller

  5. Is it possible to put a GoPo 4 Black as the camera or does the drone come with a pre installed camera? Also, do you need only an Apple product to control or can you operate the drone through a android product?

  6. Thanks for this video. One of the best and most helpful ones out there for a nooobeee like me. Are you posting any more videos? I had a look and subscribed to your channel, but could only see this one.

    Really hope to see some more from you guys soon.

    All the best from the UK.


  7. Great video…my P3 4K is still in the box unopened…as a past CPP photographer with the PP of A, I really appreciated the detail as to the histogram and other photo controls you demonstrated… covered a great deal in a very short time…very efficent…again…THANK YOU!!

  8. What a tutorial!!!
    I am almost getting a p3 adv.
    Although I have experience with controllers, I ´ve never had a drone before.
    I dont want to pay for a cheap one (here in brazil nothing is cheap) and in a few months buy another one. I want to go for the goal. Does anyone think I am doing wrong getting at first place the one drone I really want?!


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