PGA SULTAN COURSE PART 5 PGA Sultan Course located in Belek Turkey. Watch the gang, Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Coach Lockey and Dan …


  1. Great vlog guys it def looks to me that Rory stands too far from the ball, so looks like he isn't making a good down swing at the ball from leaning so much forward looks like his weight all on the toes? Sort him out mark

  2. Kind of funny Mark harping on about how he was doing if he had been playing on his own. Dan could have said exactly the same. Think he beat you 4 & 2. WP Dan.

  3. Eaglefield? #Eaglewatch great great golf guys, Mark from your videos and course vlogs I managed to play a round last week and not lose a single golf ball on 18. As an amateur this is a huge accomplishment. Still confused on whether I should try to get a handicap or if it isn’t something I need for golf with my friends. Shot a 104 at Blue Hills Ridge GC in Roanoke VA. Would love to see you guys play again in the states.

    Cheers Bruh

  4. Did you not play the 18th Guys water right of the fairway, water over the fairway and water in front of the green, Ray could have gone for lost ball count…17th would've been an easy par for him too.

  5. Rory, tip: Don't make excuses for how you play. We love your game. You play as you do – sometimes a little right, sometimes a further right. But you are enjoyable to watch as part of the team (Edit: a bit like the rest of us – That's why we like watching this). You, with Coach, Dan and Mark is what makes us muppet's tune in every night (for all else, Mark is supportive throughout this vlog, calls it as it is but he (as is Matt, and Dan) is honest and supportive with their commentary). BTW, great birdie

  6. Played a couple of these courses and they are great. Cool to see your tour won on 16th at PGA Sultan. Exact hole we won our tour! Well played Lockey!! Also, I take my hat off to Ray. Plays with 3 pros and takes a torrent of abuse all the way round………… Poor lad!

  7. Mark you've got to stop scooping the ball! You do it often and on most of the holes. Keep the club going through at impact.
    If you're worried about going long, then use a smaller club, or grip down a bit.


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