PERFECT BEGINNER FPV RACING DRONE. Tyrant S Review + Flight | part 2


Diatone tyrant s review. The Diatone Tyrant S was a pleasure to fly. Fantastic performance and durability for a very attractive price. TYRANT S LINK …


  1. Great video!! I was interested in purchasing another drone and I came across this one. I like the "'smash build" concept. I think that this will help to make the quadcopter more robust. I would like to know where I can purchase those clear yellow cyclone props? Thanks again for the coupon !!!

  2. I followed yur lead for a beginner radio and just got my Tyrant S! Can't get my Flysky radio/receiver to get it in the air… It's factory bound, what's the deal? Ya I'm a beginner and enjoy yur vids, thanks!

  3. I have both the Tyrant s and the GT200, I had the Tyrant s about 4 weeks before I got my GT200, the GT200 has more power and has a better camera, the cam on the tyrant dose not work well in dull light or in the evening when the sun is low as it blinds the cam, also it takes a second or two to adjust going from shade to the light, the cam on the GT200 dose not have any of the above issues. I have logged 8hrs flight time on the Tyrant s about 200 batteries and it's still flying like new, it's an awesome quad and is very fast but for 50 more it's worth going with the GT200 for the better cam, osd and the extra power the GT has is great for arco.

  4. Stu (or anyone else that might be able to help)…. I've just ordered one as it's back in stock. I've also just received a Taranis QX7 (?) so just need advice on what people recommend as to what receiver to fit into the Tyrant. A link to Banggood would be awesome…. thanks guys.

    also… what antennae and what props…. again… links would be brilliant…. this is my first fpv quad so a little lost already.

  5. when you are putting batteries on the top of a quad you should stand them up on their side not lay them down on their face that way the wire comes out straight through the middle not on the side it also makes it a lot thinner

  6. I got my Tyrant S last week, I have put about 40 batteries on it. It's great plenty of power and speed and can take a crash, the cam is a bit shit when facing into direct (sun low on the horzine) sunlight other than the crappy cam I love it.

  7. +UAVfutures Hey Stew so i got My Tyrant and noticed that the 1500mah batteries will get chopped by the props but even with a full twist the 1300mah batteries dont get chopped up even if top mounted 🙂

  8. stu if you can afford only 1 quad which would you prefer? this quad or crusader GT2?

    Thank you for your awesome review helps me a lot on learning how to build and tune a quad. happy flying

  9. Hey man I appreciate everything you do can you help me out I just purchased the diatone tyrant 215 s and I have a spektrum receiver and didn't want to mess up and was curious of where to solder the receiver tabs thanks a ton sorry I'm dumb

  10. hi Stewart I've just ordered the tyrant 215 s and am wondering what you opinion on my first battery should be? Ive never flown before. I hear 3s are less powerful but I'm thinking I'll need power to avoid a crash. 4s?Having a fast car has helped me avoid a crash.does the same logic apply?

  11. Just curious as to what receiver you are using? I ordered the FlySky FS-i6 that came bundled with the FS-iA6B receiver but I think that is going to be too big to fit inside this frame. For this reason I am thinking of ordering the FS-A8S receiver.


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