PERFECT beginner Drone Training kit + DRONE = Eachine q90c review


Flying a FPV drone and be a tricky skill to learn, But the eachine q90 is a micro fpv brushed drone that comes with a radio, charger, drone and even fpv goggles …


  1. I just got it today. Had it out for maybe 3 minutes…crashed it and it broke a motor…tried to use it on Freerider to use the simulator and the remote doesnt work i found out…explains why I crashed it so bad i think.

    Not a good beginner drone if it breaks so easy..just saying I spent 100$ and bought 30$ batteries and props and got 2 minutes use out of this and now its just junk.

  2. Hi UAVfutures, I has just playing fpvflightrider simulator and then connection between aircraft and remote not working. Unlock arm done. Any ideas how to reconnect aircraft with remote controller? please help me

  3. Hi Stew I have always be leave in sims, I recommend to everyone even to older pilots. I started with real flight Don't Know if you have it. It started with planes that is what I used to fly so it was great to use, just load it up plug my FUTABA and I was flying . I see that thy have Drones Now, I just started Flying Drones and I Love it, I mainly have minis, running 2/3s Batteries so we can fly around the houses, Keep up the GREAT VIDEO'S can't wait for that bell to go off again, P.S. TREV that wasn't CARL but it crack me up laughing that you thought it was, it's been raining for the past 4 days now so now that my parents pass away and the house is empty it makes it a Great race track. SOoo goodnight

  4. Stew, you are lucky. If my girl gets to know that i've uploaded a video of our bedroom, while playing with a mini drone… There will be painful consequences. May be after a week of preparations she would give green light. 😀 😀 :D.Congratulations, you have created a GREAT channel, specially for beginners like me.

  5. I had first version. Mine got munched and stolen by a dog or bird. This one is hard to tune and fly inside the house for a beginner. Maybe due to dead cat. You are better off with a whoop for indoor.

  6. Great way to start flying! Really like those eachine brushed moddels. But why of all animals a frog? What do they know about frogs in china that we dont 😛

  7. Stew, almost 100k!! If you haven't already, you should search youtube for $99 UAVFutures and see just how many people you've help get into this hobby. You're the man.

  8. Hey Stew, great stuff as always. I know you’re not as much of a freestyle guy but I’d love to see your take on the new Karearea Toroa. I haven’t seen anything about it yet, and I figure you must have your finger on the pulse. Think if we all send them a request letter they’ll send you a frame?

  9. The ability to hook into a sims is worth it.  I may have to pick this up after the holidays.  Thanks for another useful clip.  Being new to the hobby and just getting started, any information is helpful.  Thanks again.  Have a great holiday 🙂

  10. Hello Stu, I have a question for your next Q&A video. How do you have your rates setup on your transmitter? Do you use any channel mixing when flying? Thank you, look forward to your answer.

  11. Stu- Love the videos, NEW to the sport. I would love a video for the veterans of the sport showing what you have determined to be the best performance : cost ratio. I am not in the bracket by any means but with all the subs you have offering a "best of FULL KIT for the money" would help plenty of people I bet! Keep up the good work!

  12. I've been binge watching your channel in contemplation over purchasing a FPV Drone set up. Just wanted to let you know that you've been incredibly helpful and you've earned a like and notification sub.

  13. Great review stu. Thanks for what you do helping get new people in the hobby. Being new to drones any chance on doing a vid explaining the effects of anti gravity and air modes. It would probably help a lot of us. Thanks again brother

  14. Hey man, loving your work! Just a thought, maybe you should do a leader board – like Top Gears old "cool wall". All the drones you test listed from crap to epic, and all in-between, regardless of price!

  15. Nice little toy but that goggle is not what i want. If you compare it against the EV800 then it is only 10 $ more (if each is sold as separate) but brings 800×480 against the 500×300 of the 006-goggles. Banggood and Eachine could easy do a 3rd option but they doesn't – so i recomend to spend 20$ more for the better goggle and see what a 1000tvl-cam can really do if you not already have one.

  16. Yeah I agree with you they would be great for someone getting into the hobby heck I wouldn't mind flying with him around in my house I have a small house so they would be great for renting my house maybe even for a child or something to put learn to play with most children these days can play with most anything I mean good Lord there up to computer smartphones why not drones with fpv you know I wouldn't be above getting it for some child around 10 years old to play with the catch up with me and fpv flying so you know happy flying and keep making these videos I love them

  17. Stu you should have mentioned when removing the props to be careful not to bend the shaft!! I've done that so many times as a noob, ruined brand new motors several times lol sad face

  18. Love the idea of this, especially since you can use the Tx with a sim! Sure the goggles aren't the best, but when you're starting out just having something that WORKS is better than nothing. Also, these aren't some proprietary setup so if you want to get a tiny whoop, or anything else 5.8Ghz, then your goggles will still function with it.


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