Parrot Swing Mini Quadcopter Drone (with Camera & Flypad Controller) Review


Last week I reviewed the Parrot Mambo Mini Quadcopter Drone with canon, camera, & grabber claw accessory. Today I consider its slightly larger cousin, the …


  1. thanks so much for helping me and that was the problem now it flying just fine you are very good at what you do this won't be the last time you hear from me you made my day thanks again Ron

  2. parrot i hope you are not mad. but some guarantees and lower prices might be a key to the affordable drone market for fun and simple field tests. shielding for strong electrical field disturbance? but this may exactly be the problem? how bout human frequency compatability? for later thought control bla bla science fiction fantasia 🙂 presets are good. open source. epoxy instead of fiberglas plastics maybe?


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