Parrot Jumping Sumo: Mini Drone Product Review | DansTube.TV


BUY Jumping Sumo: In today’s video, OzzieTech and myself review the Jumping Sumo Mini Drone from Parrot. Parrot Jumping Sumo Drone –


  1. This is a kind of review that is actually genuine. This guy is so honest with his statements and facts. Thanks dude, you just earned a new subscriber! 10/10

  2. No offense but I would never buy this looks like a 5 year Olds toy except for cam features
    I'm sure it will be over priced either way couldn't see my self paying more then 40 bucks for this and it's probably at least 100

  3. Great review mate and thanks for the mention. We are definitely working well together with these videos. We got some great stuff planned for 2015 🙂


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