PARROT DISCO Review – [Flight/Crash/Range Test!, Pros & Cons]


Enjoy my review of the DISCO Drone. You can get the DISCO here: Huge $300 price drop! I use PD15 to edit my vids: …


  1. This is epic! I have recently become a drone enthusiast and this seems to be the one that I need to get! How much is it? If I had enough subs maybe I could get sponsorship from a company like Parrot.

  2. Wow looks like we finally got a drone we can flying in national parks in the force cuz that would be called an airplane really RC plane it's not really a drone it can't hover

  3. Overpriced piece of junk, even if the idea of energy saving glider looks cool. The exterior design, the build quality, the image quality, image stabilization, landing mechanism, obstacle avoidance, all looks terrible…And since it's only got one weak propeller, bird attack would be more likely than quads.

  4. Hey Dustin! Friend has parrot Bebop 2 and has the parrot disco controller can he bind the parrot disco controller to the Bebop 2 it's the skycontroller 2 he lost the Disco so still has the controller. Thank you.

  5. I think when you paused the mission (pressed the pause button) – which removes it from the mission and just lets it fly in manual? The problem started in your track after you pressed the pause button and commented it 'didn't seem to do anything' – maybe it did and disconnected from the mission?

  6. this is nice but what are the practicle uses for this drone with relation to business and problem solving it seens the only practicle use if any would be to do 3d mapping but even still my phantom 4 can do that. i dont see many applications that this could be used to make money as a commercial drone operator if anyone has any ideas let me know

  7. just a question not related to this video, but your other vids, how do you balance charge the stock battery its just so i can monitor the health while i'm waiting for more Mah from china. See how much im putting back in etc. I dont have the connector yet can i use the balance port

  8. …some of your tests of this unit….you use a different controller?….more like an RC plane. What are the differences?…What are the differences in shape of the first Parrot units like this (like the one you flew to Molokini)….and the newer ones?….thanks


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