Parrot Bebop Drone Review – FIELD TESTED in 4K UltraHD


Parrot Bebop Drone Order – The Parrot Bebop offers many advantages to other drones on the market today. The Parrot Bebop Drone is …


  1. Thanks for the review , however I read that Bebop 1 has significant lag, which makes it hard to fly FPV is that true and if so is there any mod that can reduce the lag ?

  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for drone that is great for my travel, outdoor, adventures and events. I like something with:
    1- long flying time (20+ mins), extra battery is okay.
    2-long controllable range 1000ft/300m beyond
    3-comes along with HD camera
    4-can orbit or follow the target operation, gps options
    5-portable for travel.
    any help? thank you

  3. hi, thanks for posting! this drone is really cool and full of feature but i'm mainly interested in FPV (with skycontroller) and what i see is a lot of lag. is this issue fixed by now? thanks again!

  4. Great job, most instructive.
    No bullshit, almoste real time. We feel rather accurately how this product behave.
    Its form factor and software gimbal tech; even if not yet fully mature definitely IS the future. No ?

  5. Have you used the Sky-controller? I bet it's much better that way. I like the Skycontroller setup alot better than the dji stuff I think. Looks much better, and it's alot cheaper!!

  6. Hey man I've got a question not related to this video.. my Bebop has a crack in the central cross/ body/arms. I was wondering if you look at your bebop from behind, eye level do the rear back blades tilt in words at an angle slightly? I'm wondering if this is normal. Thanks


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