Parrot bebop drone review ask me anything about it.


This is my review of the bebop drone. It is my thoughts on what needs to be fixed and what is good about it. It is a little long but there is a lot to say about this …


  1. Im using Anbee 2500 mah got 18 mins 13 secs check my channel subbed you dude love my Bebop ive got sky controller its is truely awesome check my channel latest two see battery and ti e and flight awesome cheers

  2. does it work via bluetooth or do i need a wifi-connection for the remote? cause i'm thinking about using it in bali on the beach and i don't have a internet connection there. thx

  3. So I got this for Christmas from my wife. She also got an extra memory chip with it. I don't see anything on the drone where you can insert this chip. Does it need it or can it hold a good amount of videos on it self?

  4. Dear Yunisden, my parrot bebop 1 's camera has been broken after failed down. I dont know the broken part is the lens or the protector. Do you have any suggestion for me? Thanks alot.

  5. Yun, great video keep them coming! But the question I have is, what button's do have push on Skycontroler in order to perform flips, using the AR Pro 3 application.

  6. i bought one and right out of the package after charging the battery when i try to fly it only three rotors works fine but one is slower which is why i can not lift off….any suggestionss….


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