Parrot Bebop Drone: How to repair Bottom parts


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  1. Hey parrot and youtubers this video guided me well when I was trying to replace the front motors of my bebop drone. These parts are expensive so be very gentle with the parts especially the wires on the motors because they can be easily detached.

    Although the video covers everything that needs to be done in order to fly with your drone again, I kinda went wrong on two points which can be easily overseen if you wont pay attention to the details…

    Pay attention to the exact placement of the motors, in my case 3 motors were damaged when my drone crashed onto a tree. I had to replace 3 motors (whole set costs me round 80 euro very expensive). I installed the motors wrong on my first attempt. I accidently switched position of the two front motors. The drone did start up but was unflyable and instantly crashed after taking off. Also, do not pull too hard on the wires attached to the motors. You can easily pull to hard and detach the wires connected to the motor. I found it very difficult to repair this since those wires are so small and you`ll need special tools which arent provided in the standard toolbox you can buy from parrot.

    Also cable management is kinda hard too and very very important. The cabels can easily twist into eachother which makes it difficult to determine which cabel belongs to a motor. Although the pins are givin colors, the fitting of the motor on the placement of the motor on the chassis isnt indicated so you need to be sure to attack the motor on the correct side of the chassis. 

    Be sure to attach the wires in correct way shown in the video, its very hard to get it very good organized since there are a lot wires (6 in total). I used glue for the two smaller wires to get them in the right position again (I think those two small wires are for GPS location but I dont know for sure anyway.

    Third thing is the propellers, look for the pin indication on the motor to pinpoint which propeller should be connected on your motors. These things are covered in the video but I wasnt paying enough attention hope you do better then me ^^ In the end though i finally got it to work (today).

    Parrot great video, the song kept me happy while I was trying to revive my bebod^^ I do have a small point on the video, the points mentioned earlier should be made extra clear to the viewers because I personally just overlooked the details in the video instructions.

  2. wath a awfulll feling to spend so much money then weeks later have problem 11 message at screen,or motor stalled ,(lucky it was only bouth 8 mtrs high and didn't broke on to million pieces,just minor battery damaged)so down whit this experience,  took me weeks to decide purchase this drone instead of  phantom DJI then this bad experience whit motors malfunction, contact bebop customer servicethey told me it takes 5 weeks or more for them to repair it ,or 7 to 10 days to send you replace motors to do it myself ,realy? after spending close to 1000 us dlls ? whit some spare parts and skycontroller,besides wifi range has never been even more than few meters {plain view} altitude has been reach of bouth 150 mts [almost straight up from were pilot]quality image has been exelent,handling and gps signal awesome ,but heck such of bad experience, now bebop 2 its coming?I woud have buy on a heart beat but now I be thinking twice to go again for bebop parrot.THUMBS DOWN!

  3. seems straight up and very simply engineered with minimum junk…..motors and wires with nice connections to batteries with nice connections and camera with nice connectors….all mounted on a simple frame…how much simpler could it be…..i want one bad!!!!!

  4. Je suis un fervent de pouvoir faire voler les drones il me manque des livres techniques expliquer en français ,possède le skycontroller et le bibop ainsi le drone 2 de Parrot me fournir l'adresse et le mode de paiement à la bonne adresse merci


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