Parrot Bebop Drone Camera- incredibly easy to fly, amazing video quality [Review]


Full review at . The new Parrot Bebop Drone Camera is a perfect example of a flying camera which offers not just great quality …


  1. Red Ferret is there ANY diffrence between the yellow Bebop drone and the red and blue Bebop drone? I noticed that there is a higher price for the yellow than red and blue. (red is my favorite color!) Thank you in advance! 🙂

  2. I bought 3 phantoms 3ps now. I had to return the 1st one because the controller was faulty. now having problems with the second one and let me tell you dji customer service is a disgrace. first they recommend a tablet on their download page so I go buy a new android tab. then they tell me its not compatible so I go buy a new apple tab, and now after more problems they tell me I should go buy and try something else. it turns out the problem is in their go app. WARNING dji HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I started posting negative reviews  and had 22,000 people read these in just a few weeks. I sent a copy of that to dji and they still would not even  try to help me.  they would rather bury their head in the sand than make any effort to help their customers. BUYERS BEWARE

  3. Not being rude or anything and respect to parrot but you keep mentioning its "Pure stabilization" If that was introduced to any kind of wind it wouldnt last 2 minutes, if someone is looking for a good stable outside quadcopter look into Phantoms.

  4. around 12 minutes flight time… No way!!! the Air Parrot 2 flights around 15 also if you upgrade propeller, gears and Shafts you will get 36 minutes of flying time.  its not worth it the price!!

  5. How do you transfer videos using the cable to a mac? When I plug it in my mac doesn't even know its plugged in?  I have the drone turned on too. The only way I can get videos off my iPhone is to upload to youtube but that never works either!!! 


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