Parrot BeBop 2 Drone with Sky Controller – Full Review


Here is our full in depth review for the Parrot Bebop 2 drone with the Sky Controller. More info: Bepop 2 vs Phantom 3 standard …


  1. how do you make all that info on screen .i have bebop 2 with the sky controller, but nothing shown on screen after recording just the recording..
    i see vides upload with all status of drone

  2. This is not a drone for commercial use. This is for the average person who likes it as a hobby.
    Wind resistance is bang on it will hold its own in winds up to 30-30 MPH although this is wind tunnel tested. I certainly would not try this with my own Bebop 2.

    IF you are looking for a great drone for a great price, that's fun but can get you some good video and stills ( nothing wrong with 14mp and 1080p vid ) then this is a good drone. Return to home feature very useful for beginners and its very forgiving in flight.

    Its not commercial use quality but its not far off, and there is not much that can compete with it in this price range.

    Im afraid your looking too hard for faults in a top quality drone. Just for the sake of it. MW Technology

  3. this guy is obviously a dji lover, he is completely incorrect to. he said the blades get in the video but they don't on the dji, that's BS the dji had blades showing in video all the time. I could go on and on, he just loves his dji and therfore hates anything else. I love how he cuts up the skycontroler saying you could still lose signal, but not on the dji, lmfao. what a complete idiot

  4. Hallo my name is Michalis and i bought a bebop 2 with skycontroller black edition.when i connect my fatshark hd2 googles to hdmi skycontroller i have a lot of lack picture in my googles glasses.what can i do for this please help….


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