Parrot BEBOP 2 Drone – Official Video (Launch)


Introducing Parrot Bebop 2 Drone, Your Flying Companion. Fast, agile and lightweight camera drone for everyday. A compact and powerful drone that makes …


  1. Bought the Bebop 2 and sent it on its first flight plan only to watch it fly off and never return home like advertised. $400 bucks down the drain. I contacted Parrot and all they could say is sorry for the inconvenience. The company does not stand behind its product and its advertised features in my opinion.. Dji has far better products and much much better customer service if something does go wrong. DO NOT BUY!!!

  2. The music on this video is so awesome! I tried to shazam it and i got nothing. Does anyone know where i can get this soundtrack? Or is it maybe thier own music for this vid?

  3. Si vous voulez je vend le mien à 450 euros en haut de seine avec
    skycontroller 2 amélioré
    8 hélices
    Valise de transports
    Deux batteries dont une de 35 min
    Pieds et antennes de rechanges

  4. Do not buy Bebop drones they have issues with falling out of the sky for no reason at all not pilot error not weak battery they just plain shut off in mid-flight I have had two separate ones do the same to me I have posted this message on several sites and I'm getting a lot of feedback of people having the same problem with parrot not acknowledging the issue and fixing the problem do not buy this garbage product save your money and by reliable product like DGI they will fall out of the sky take my word for it then you will be out your six hundred bucks that's if it doesn't damage anything that it lands on that you're liable for on top of it I have since switch to DJI and I've never experienced anything close to that if you crash one of those it's going to be due to Pilot error not a faulty product be warned save your hard-earned money and buy yourself a reliable product the parrot company is pure garbage I'm sure they will fall out of the market just like their drones fall out of the sky I really dislike big corporations ripping off their customers when they know there's a serious issue with it


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